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Charmel Bowden

Charmel Bowden is a diverse soul and an uncommon blend of business acumen and creative ability. 

As a holistic thinker with abilities in the hard consulting skills of finance, sales and operations combined with the soft skills of neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, she can readily help people envision a plan and implement it.

When she is not working you might find her designing and sewing her latest dress, drawing on her iPad, or outside, no matter what the weather. She is an avid reader, loves museums, road trips, and writing letters to her friends and family. She is a singer and has performed in several musicals. Charmel continues her love of dance; starting as a young girl in ballet, becoming a competitive gymnast in high school and going on to perform in a semi-professional dance troupe in college.

She has two children who she is crazy proud of. Grateful that she had the opportunity to be their mom able to watch them grow into wonderful young adults pursuing their dreams. One has her own business and the other is just finishing college combining his computer and artistic skills.

Contributing to the lives of others has offered her greatest rewards. She believes in the greatness of people and will help them “keep their candle-lit until they do it on their own.” She approaches each endeavor in a very pragmatic, measurable and strategic manner, yet always takes the uniqueness of each person into consideration. Each outcome is designed together so her clients know the value of the time and money they spend getting to the next level. Her clients are clear on their return on investment or it’s not a good fit. They define how they want to soar and Charmel helps them take off.

Because of her extensive education, substantial business, and diverse life experience, Charmel Bowden has the unique ability to coach people on their journeys of professional and personal growth with compassion and mindfulness. As an influencer, it’s a position she takes very seriously. She has worked hard to develop the right mix of mastery and authority that supports people to define success for themselves and achieve it.

In addition to what’s listed on her professional resume, Charmel is also known by her clients and friends as a wise and caring advisor. She works to help empower others by providing the tools, insights, and support they need to achieve their vision. Whether it’s through developing company strategy, resolving conflict, engaging & mobilizing employees, training on communication or growing their inner game. In addition to her extensive working background, Charmel is also an avid philanthropist. She believes in living in a community and contributing to that community, getting on board with programs like Bridges Out Of Poverty and Getting Ahead to mentor people with their finances, life or career skills.

She took a number of classes in Liberal Studies, Organizational Change & Leadership at Antioch University in Seattle, and studied Commercial Art, Graphic Design & Illustration at the Burnley School of Professional Art & Design within the Art Institute of Seattle. She also received two Associate of Arts degrees from Bellevue College: one in Business Administration, and one in Marketing Communications. While attending Bellevue, Charmel was involved in a number of clubs and activities including a local chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), a program bridging education and prospective employment opportunities, and she won numerous awards, including Sales & Training Event Lead dancer in the school’s semi-professional dance company called The Eastside Moving Company, now called the BC Dance Company.

Charmel’s latest endeavor is called Vuela Alto. This expression literally translates to “fly high” or “soar”, and it is perfectly in tune with her life philosophy. The company coaches and consults with  company leaders regarding everything from strategic planning to growing sales.

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