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If you find yourself often consumed by the moment, then for sanity’s sake it is time to practice mindful thinking and habits. Initially, this may feel like it is impossible. However, with just a little practice, you can actually change your way of thinking. You will find within just a short period of time, that all of the little moments that used to ruin your good day are less bothersome and time consuming.

TED Talks has allowed many speakers to discuss varying topics, including the topic of mindfulness, and every speaker presents an understanding with their own level of energy to keep all listeners enthralled. The latest conversations discuss how important it is to practice stillness, how to tame your mind, and so much more. These discussions are presented to provide instruction and tips to better possess your own mind and emotions.

According to, mindfulness is the state of mental calmness, and when you are in a mindful state it is easier to accept the moments as they come. This helps you to avoid becoming overwhelmed with something that someone has said or done. When you practice a mindful existence, you are no longer consumed by the world around you.

Being grateful is the first step to a happy life. Therefore, learn to celebrate the little things that happen in your life daily. It is important to remember to keep up with your happiness. If you find that you are consumed by moments of misery, then you are falling away from a mindful way of thinking. This simply means you must refocus your time and energy on being in the moment versus being consumed by the moment.

If you allow the moments in your life to consume you, then undoubtedly you will suffer from depression. You can take comfort in the fact that mindful practices have been a way that many people have returned from the brink of despair. Set aside 10 minutes out of each day to practice being mindful, and allow yourself to embrace the stillness of your own existence. Do not let your thoughts plague your mind, but rather, allow the thoughts to come and go as they enter your mind. Acknowledge how you are feeling, and then simply release the thought.